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the division of enrollment mission

The Division of Enrollment supports the University’s mission and commitment to excellence by attracting, enrolling, and graduating a talented student body from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences who will become the next generation of leaders, ensuring access and affordability to all students who earn admission, providing resources and information to foster student success, and showing great care to all who come our way.


Culture and Shared Values

  • We work together to serve students, solve problems, and advance the mission of the University.
  • We take great care of all who seek our support, including our colleagues across campus and one another.
  • We strive each day to challenge ourselves to improve, and we support each other in our efforts.
  • We seek to attract and cultivate the talented, skilled, and diverse team members we need to achieve these objectives.
  • We provide leadership and partnership across and beyond our campus community to advance the university’s mission and values.


Division Offices

The following units report directly to the Division of Enrollment: